The words are not coming from you, but through you

Ruby Spark

If you have ever, even once, in your life, aspired to be a writer, you have to watch this movie. And I don’t know why I picked this movie out of many other movies to watch tonight, even though I haven’t heard a word about it before, but it was a great decision. This movie is about a “genius” young writer, who is struggling with his social life as well as a writer-block that is keeping him from producing his next best-seller. And after an appointment with his psychiatrist, he started writing a book about a girl he dreamed of one night, who later appeared out of thin air and became his girlfriend. And that alone, my friend, is the perfect premise I can ask for in a movie.

First off, Zoe Kazan, the actress who played Ruby, the imaginary girlfriend in the movie, is also the writer of this movie. It’s a wonderful irony, for the lack of better words, that made me fall in love with her and with this movie even more. The fact that this girl made her characters refer to F. Scott Fitzgerald and J. D. Salinger every twenty minutes is another reason that I will totally go gay for her.

Now I have to say this movie makes me think of (500) Days of Summer a lot, both in good and bad ways. For one, it has a kind of quirky narrative, admittedly not as fragmented as seen in (500) Days of Summer, but still a weird way to tell a weird story. This movie, however, doesn’t make the mistake that (500) Days of Summer did, in the sense that it reveals the message much more clearly; and some might say it’s too obvious, but for me it’s the necessary explanation so that I can accept the characters and the storyline as they are.

The best thing about this movie that touched me deeply, is that it shows why writers write. And we are all writers in our heart, because we all want to live in a perfect world, where everything happens the way we want it. But in such perfect world, we will stop changing, stop trying to improve; we will stop growing. That, in itself, is a tragedy. That is why we have to keep hurting each other and keep making this world less perfect. That is why writers write. And yes, sometimes, “in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you”, I’m no writer but I can also attest to that.

On the other hand, Ruby Sparks is also a story about love. Be cause everyday we keep looking for the perfect one, the one we dream of, someone who understands us, love us so much that they can be whatever we want them to be. But that is not love, that is narcissism and selfishness. And this movie shows us that cold, hard truth in the most baffling way. It was worth it.

This movie has incredibly lovely cinematography, with visuals somewhat naive and sweet, but also very charming.



And I love how most of the OST are in French. And Calvin drives a convertible. And he has a swimming pool in his apartment. Because how pretentious is that? And that is totally what a “genius” young writer would do. And at the end of the movie when “the girlfriend” told him  his book was pretentious, oh that bit was precious. Nothing, and I mean nothing, bar none, can pass a production whose producer doesn’t take it too seriously. Because only then can you see a real, honest, and interesting story that will stay with you long after it is finished.

I am sure this movie is gonna stay in my top rom-com movies for a while.


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