Movies of 2012: My top favorites

So as the year is coming to an end and everyone is making lists everywhere, I’m gonna do it too. And as the title says it all, I’m not gonna explain further — this entry is a list of my top favorite movies of 2012, which would be divided into 3 parts: top favorite movies that came out in 2012; top favorite movies that came out years ago; and then my guilty pleasures of the year.

First thing first, I’m gonna admit defeated in completing the 365 movies a year challenge. I couldn’t make it, and as the year progresses, I have been so much behind that I lost counts of the movie I should have watched. But well, I tried, yeah?



I wanted to write something about Moonrise Kingdom on this blog before, when I just finished watching it. I don’t remember why I didn’t, but this movie is brilliant all the same. I hadn’t read anything about it before I watched it, so it took me from one surprise to another, all pleasant and adorable. Wes Anderson has a wicked way in telling his stories and this movie is sweet, sarcastic, peaceful and hauntingly beautiful, all at once. It also has amazing cinematography, completely blew my mind. Also pretty font choice right there.


Yeah well I’m not even going to put The Avengers as my guilty pleasure. Because it’s not! This movie is seriously awesome, with just enough heart and mind-blowing fight sequences and tech porn combined. Great directing, casting, acting, everything! I will defend this movie until the day I die.


After I have done watching the movie and crying my eyes out, I have absolutely no word to write about it. It would be unspeakably distasteful to describe it as “magical”, but I don’t know how else I can make you understand what a spectacular experience watching the movie was to me. Continue reading →


If you have ever, even once, in your life, aspired to be a writer, you have to watch this movie. Continue reading →

And then some of the movies that barely missed being listed as top favorites: Lawless, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy, Red Lights, and Skyfall.


Oh God, I don’t know where to start, because this movie is perfect. It’s so weird, but so captivating. The plot was nothing extraordinary, but the little details stay with me long after I finished the movie. I don’t want to tell you anything because I can’t say anything without spoiling it, but this movie is seriously amazing, please give it a try.

This movie is so hauntingly disturbing. And I don’t mean disturbing in the way it portraits Michael Fassbender’s character — a sex addict, or his relation ship with the sister, Carey Mulligan’s character. No, all of those issues are all very normal, very human. The disturbing thing about Shame is that it poses questions that we cannot let go — questions about people’s true natures; about their paths in life that would lead them this or that way; about sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just cannot be good. Just like what Sissy told Brandon — We are not bad people, we just come from a bad place.

Just remember it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to Earth, which means you’ll know we succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. All you have to do is look out for a little extra brightness in the sky. So if you wake up one morning and it’s a particularly beautiful day, you’ll know we made it.

I don’t know about you, but that paragraph alone captured me completely. This movie has nothing that I can dislike: it’s sci-fi, Danny Boyle is my favorite director, Chris Evans is my celebrity crush and Cillian Murphy is a perfect actor.

You made my life a happy one and there’s no tragedy in that. Continue reading →

And again, other movies that barely missed: Before Sunrise, Wild Target, Perfect Sense, Perfume – Story of a Murderer, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.


I’ve watched this movie years ago, but this year I started reading the Vampire Chronicles books, and this movie has become my guilty pleasure because I’ve rewatched it so many times, just to look at Tom Cruise’s Lestat. I mean I adore Brad Pitt’s Louis, but Louis as a character is really lame; Kirsten Dunst’s Claudia is perfect as well but she is just a spoiled brat; and don’t even get me started on the horror that is Antonio Banderas’ Armand. So, not a very good adaptation overall, but for the perfection that is Tom Cruise’s Lestat, I’m sold everyday.

If you read the Vampire Chronicles, you will get the joke. But then again, this movie tickles my fancy — sparkly outfits, rock n’ roll, gay groupies, stupid sappy romance — what’s not to like?

Okay I can hear the sound of your eyes rolling, but whatever! This movie has good soundtracks and decent plot, which is much more than many other movies can claim to have done recently.

Gay period drama, that should be enough said. But this movie also has a very young Hugh Grant and a barely of age Rupert Graves, and a few decent sex scenes. More the bonus for you, eh?

And so I guess that concludes my top favorite movies of 2012. I wish you guys an amazing year and keep on watching many more great movies!


3 thoughts on “Movies of 2012: My top favorites

      • Yeah, I counted rewatches as well. I’m glad that I made a list because otherwise I’d lost count too, but I think I actually watched more movies in 2012 than I did 2011. Here’s hoping for another increase in 2013.

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