Kimmel| Kit| Tink| Virgo (Except not really)| Multimedia Design
I’m not on Earth. I’m on B612. 

It’s always been so difficult for me to even figure out who I am. The thing is, confused is what I am. Also fickle, oversensitive, melodramatic, impossibly romantic at heart, those are all what I am. On other notes, I am working in advertising, one hell of a dream job that breaks my heart once in a while.

I’m conceptual, more on theory than practice. I’m ridiculously interested in Renaissance Arts, Surrealism and Impressionism; I’m also in a love-hate relationship with Post-Modernism. My dream is to study Art History and Theories, live in Paris, wander the Louvre everyday and fly to Boston to visit the Museum of Fine Arts once a week.

When I’m not dreaming, I churn our ideas for digital advertising campaigns for a living.

I also want to be a writer, or a literature critic. But that’s a whole different story.


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