Movies of 2012: My top favorites

So as the year is coming to an end and everyone is making lists everywhere, I’m gonna do it too. And as the title says it all, I’m not gonna explain further — this entry is a list of my top favorite movies of 2012, which would be divided into 3 parts: top favorite movies that came out in 2012; top favorite movies that came out years ago; and then my guilty pleasures of the year.

First thing first, I’m gonna admit defeated in completing the 365 movies a year challenge. I couldn’t make it, and as the year progresses, I have been so much behind that I lost counts of the movie I should have watched. But well, I tried, yeah?

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A list of my guilty pleasure movies

A.k.a judge me all you want but when I get upset or sad or tired just pop one of these films on and I’ll be fine. Also this entry has the least amount of Academy-standards-of-film-making so leave your fake glasses at the door. Also this is an unordered list.

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